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29/39 mm Jouplast self-levelling head pedestal for slab

You have an unlevel site and you don't know how to lay your terrace on a slab without having to do heavy earthwork? And without having to pay a large sum of money or call in professionals? We have a solution for you! Laying your slab terrace on Jouplast self-levelling adjustable pedestals is the ideal solution to your problem.


Why choose the method of laying slab on pedestals for your tiled terrace?

The use of pedestals for slab has many advantages that will make your task easier and allow you to have the terrace you simply dream of.

Slabs pedestals can support all types of slabs: tiles, ceramic, concrete, gratings, etc. The only condition is that the slabs must be self-supporting, class T7, T11 or F+. And the terrace must only be intended for pedestrian use.


Preparing your floor made easy

With Jouplast 29-39 mm self-levelling pedestals for terrace, site preparation does not include the creation of a concrete slab, which requires a lot of materials and indispensable know-how. Nor will it be necessary to level your land. Whether it is grass, earth or any surface that is not stable, the slabs pedestals will adapt and you will simply need to prepare your ground in 3 simple steps. First of all, you will dig the surface on which you wish to lay your terrace slab on pedestals over 15 cm deep. Then, you will cover it with a geotextile felt and fill it with 15 cm of gravel. Finally compact the whole thing to stabilize the surface of your terrace.


Quick and easy installation of a terrace slab on a pedestal

Slabs on pedestals can be laid in just 4 easy steps. After preparing your site, determine the number of pedestals you need. Then you can lay the pedestals directly on the ground without any fixing. The pedestals for terrace have self-locking grooves to provide extra support.

With the help of 8 nuts, you can then manually adjust the height of your pedestals for terrace to the millimeter from 29 to 39 mm without any additional tools.

To finish, simply place your terrace slabs on the 4 lugs of the self-levelling pedestal. Finally, make the necessary cut-outs for the lateral closure of the terrace using the slab plate and the covering support for the slab pedestal.


Durability and aesthetics of your slab terrace on pedestals

The use of pedestals for slabs increases the lifespan of your slab terrace on pedestals. Indeed, thanks to the slabs pedestals, your terrace is elevated. Air circulates freely and permanently under your terrace, thus preventing humidity from rising and the formation of unpleasant odors. In addition, each slab pedestal is equipped with a flange containing multiple perforations to prevent water retention. With the raising, you will also be able to run electrical cables and pipes underneath your terrace for an aesthetic and professional look.


A slab terrace on a resistant pedestal

The slabs pedestals are made in France of filled polypropylene, a material that is not only recyclable but also very resistant. Each pedestal has reinforcements for increased compressive strength and can therefore support up to one tonne of load. They are also resistant to acid and chemical products, to atmospheric agents such as frost or UV rays and have been designed to withstand temperature variations of -30 to 60°.


Technical characteristics of the self-levelling 29 - 39 mm slabs terrace on pedestals

  •          Your site will be carried out according to the rules of the trade since the slabs pedestals comply with DTU 43.1 and 51.4 standards.
  •          The height of the terrace pedestals is variable from 29 to 39 mm thanks to an adjustment ring positioned under the head of the pedestal.
  •          The slabs pedestals are self-levelling by the head and can compensate for slopes of up to 5%.
  •          Each pedestal for terrace is equipped with 4 divisible lugs on the head. You can remove them to obtain a smooth surface, for example if you want to add a pedestal in the center of each slab.
  •          A Jouplast contact rubber to be placed on the head of the slab pedestal reduces noise and vibrations when you walk on your terrace.
  •          The spacers placed on the head of the pedestals and allowing the slabs to be held securely in place are 3 mm thick. They are laid without joints.
  •          The slabs pedestals are guaranteed for 2 years.



The accessories for finishing your terrace slab on pedestal

Here is the list of accessories and tools you will need for a perfect terrace on slab pedestal installation:

-          Slab plate and cladding support: 2 essential accessories for making skirting boards, borders and terrace edges. They allow you to create the lateral closure of the terrace on pedestals.

-          Jouplast slab holder: lift the tiles effortlessly and without risk of injury.

The steps of installation a terrace on pedestals

The installation of a terrace on a pedestal is the easiest and quickest method to set up: follow the assembly steps and build your terrace in less than 3 days!


step 1Determine the required spacing, place the pedestals on the ground, adjust them and check everything with a spirit level.

step Once the installation is level, place the tiles on the head of the pedestals.

step 3Then adjust the height of the pedestals and check everything one last time with a spirit level.

step 4Finally, make the cuts to close the terrace laterally.

Installation of the pedestals
Installation of slabs on pedestals
Adjusting the pedestals
Finishing the terrace
Data sheet

Model : 

Self-leveling pedestal 29 39 mm for slabs, tiles or ceramics - Jouplast

Warranty2 years warranty
OriginManufactured in France
ConformityIn compliance with the DTU 43.1 and 51.4
ResistanceResisting the acid and basic solutions, the atmospheric agents, the temperatures between -30°C and 60°C
LoadResisting the test of crushing with load superior in 1 ton
UseGratings, Carrelage stoneware, Concrete slab
Adjustable height1.14 to 1.54 in
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