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Reference : RIN090150DAUT

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115-175 mm Self-levelling pedestal for slab terrace by Rinno Plots

Do you want to install an outdoor tiled terrace for its modern look and ease of maintenance, but the different installation techniques are holding you back? With the technique of laying slabs on pedestals, laying your terrace will be almost child's play, without having to call on terrace professionals!


The use of pedestals to install your terrace on slabs has many advantages: much lower costs, ease of installation, robustness of your terrace, great adaptability... There is no need to procrastinate and make excuses to start your slab terrace on pedestals, you can start now and install it yourself after receiving your pedestals.


Why choose the laying of slab pedestal technique?

Unlike other installation methods, slab on pedestal installation makes it easier to prepare your floor. The use of pedestals is not reserved for one category of support, they adapt to all environments whether it is grass, earth, stone or an existing terrace. All you need to begin installation is a stable surface.

Therefore, if your floor is a concrete slab or an old terrace, no preparation will be necessary, you can proceed directly to the installation of the slab on pedestal. If, on the contrary, your ground is made of earth or grass, it will be enough to stabilize it in only 3 steps. You will need to dig 15 cm deep into the ground, then cover it with a geotextile felt to prevent weeds from invading your terrace, fill in with 15 cm of gravel and finish by compacting it all to obtain a flat surface and start laying your terrace as a slab on pedestals. 

The major advantage of using pedestals for tiling comes from the fact that laying and installing your deck is very simple: installation is done in less than 3 days.

For the first step, you simply lay the pedestals for tiling on the floor without any fasteners. The weight of the tiles will keep the pedestals on the floor. Then, thanks to the adjustment ring located under the head of the pedestal, you can adjust the height to the nearest millimeter.

Then you place the tiles on the head of the adjustable pedestals for terrace. Thanks to the 4 lugs, the tile will have an excellent support. Add a noise reduction wedge for the slab pedestal: noise and vibration reduction.

Finally, you will make the required cut-outs at the side closing of the terrace. To do this, use slab plate and the cladding support, they allow the slabs to be laid at the edge of the facade as well as at the ends of the terrace.

Another advantage is that you can raise your tiled terrace on pedestals. Indeed, you will be able to run cables and pipes under your terrace and air will circulate permanently under your terrace to avoid rising damp and the formation of bad smells. In addition, the pedestals for tiling are equipped with a drainage system.


Technical specifications of the 115 - 175 mm self-levelling pedestals for slab terrace

  •          The pedestals for terrace have a modular height from 115 mm to 175 mm. You can adjust the height to the millimeter with the adjustment ring.
  •          The pedestals for slab are self-levelling. They have a self-levelling disc clipped onto the head of the pedestal which can compensate for up to 5% of slope over one meter. The use of these pedestals is therefore perfect if your land is unlevelled or sloping. Adjustments will be made automatically.
  •          Manufactured in loaded polypropylene in French factories, the pedestals for slab are not only recyclable but also extremely resistant. They can support up to one ton of load. In addition, the design material property also gives the pedestals resistance to chemicals and acids, to atmospheric agents such as frost and UV rays and to temperature variations ranging from -30 to +60°.
  •          The installation of your terrace will be carried out in accordance with the rules since the slabs pedestals comply with DTU 43.1 and 51.4 standards.
Data sheet

Model : RIN090150DAUT

Self-leveling pedestal 115/175 mm for slabs, tiles or ceramics - Rinno Plots

Rinno plots
Warranty10 years warranty
OriginManufactured in France
ConformityIn compliance with the DTU 43.1 and 51.4
ResistanceResisting the acid and basic solutions, the atmospheric agents, the temperatures between -30°C and 60°C
LoadResisting the test of crushing with load superior in 1 ton
BrandRinno plots
UseCarrelage stoneware
Adjustable height4.53 to 6.89 in
Compatibility with extensionNo
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