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Paved terrace

  • Paving terrace pedestals

    Range of pedestals for paving terraces: non-slip exterior tiles, ceramic, concrete, porcelain stoneware, gratings, etc. Fixed or adjustable pedestals for paving terraces from 10 to 358 mm or more, thanks to Profilitec paving pedestals. 

    The paving pedestal provides the foundations of your future terrace and the installation is compatible with all supports: loose soil, gravel, concrete. This method of laying on pedestals allows simplified site preparation without structural work, quick installation in a few hours and an optimal aesthetic result due to the joint-free laying. You can also create a roof terrace with paving pedestals or cover an existing terrace using low-height pedestals. Everyone can lay a terrace on a pedestal, there is no need to call on a professional.

    Adjust your pedestals to the millimeter using the adjustment rings, which are located under the head of the pedestals. Made in France, our Jouplast, YEED (Ex Rinno) and Vérindal paving pedestals comply with current DTU 43.1 standards. Rot-proof, they are also resistant to load, poor weather, temperature variations, frost and UV.

    As for Profilitec paving pedestals, their quality and robustness are unparalleled. For an exceptional porcelain stoneware terrace, opt for Profilitec pedestals, which are made in Italy.

    Our terrace pedestal brands: YEED (Ex Rinno), Jouplast, Profilitec and Vérindal. 


  • Terrace accessories

    Accessories for paving terrace pedestals: save time with a few tools and achieve impeccable finishing.  

    For the development of a paving terrace, that you shall use according to the needs of your installation: paving plates for the edges of the facade, cladding supports to create a riser or laterally close the terrace, anti-noise shims or acoustic gums to reduce vibrations and suppress noise, not to mention a paving holder. All these tools are manufactured by two leading brands on the market: Jouplast and YEED (Ex Rinno). 

    In order to prepare your site, also find the Tencate geotextile felt, the YEED pedestal extensions (Ex Rinno) and Jouplast, but also self-leveling discs for paving terrace pedestals and slope correctors. You may need other tools such as the adjustable paving holder or the Cleman adjustment key and the Cleman adjuster. 

    Last but not least, for the layout of your terrace with outdoor tiles, gratings or slabs, find our ground based sockets which guarantee you to have power on your terrace through complete safety.

    Once your terrace has been finished, consider our professional quality maintenance products. From the special end-of-site detergent to the gentle and powerful cleaner for the maintenance of your outdoor tiled terrace, including water-repellent and oil-repellent, anti-rust and anti-algae protectors, you will find all the essential maintenance products for your slab terrace. In addition, Fila cleaning products are ecological! Based on biodegradable ingredients, they emit few VOCs to respect our environment and your health. 


  • Outdoor tiles

    Range of outdoor tiling for porcelain stoneware terrace pedestals.

    Our outdoor tiling pavings are: non-slip, stain-resistant, rectified edges, full mass. These elements are significant assets to take into account while choosing your terrace tile covering. Our tiles are ideal for terraces and outdoor stairs. Their non-slip nature secures your terrace while giving it style and wonderful charm.

    All our tiles are resistant and comply with the R11 standard. Designed for laying terraces on pedestals, our tiling slabs are available in several colors and sizes: 60x60, 80x80 and 120x20 cm. Rectangular moldings are also available such as 30 x 120, 40 x 120, 20 x 120 cm. In terms of colors, you have a variety of choices: natural stone, imitation wood, beige porcelain stoneware, ceramic slabs in various shades, anthracite gray or white outdoor tiles... It's up to you to choose the outdoor tiles that match your project ! 

    Find Mirage Marshalls and YEED porcelain stoneware tiles, (Ex Rinno). These 20 mm thick slabs are indeed ideal for laying an outdoor tiled terrace on pedestals.

    One thing is certain, you will not be disappointed by the professional quality of our range of outdoor tiles. In terms of our rates, everyone should find what they’re looking for... How can you not succumb?


For the layout of your paving terrace, opt for professional quality and the attractive prices of Plots discount! You will find everything you need for the construction of your paving terrace on pedestal on our website. Ranging from terrace pedestal to build your paving terrace or outdoor tiling through all the accessories and decorate your paving terrace such as ground sockets or even terrace stairs.

To build your paving terrace in no time, there is nothing better than pedestals for outdoor tiling! Very easy to install (on the ground), they do not require fixing or any special adjustment. Self-leveling pedestals for paving terraces are available to facilitate installation while leveling your terrace, even on a sloping ground. On a flat floor, opt for classic outdoor tiling pedestals. Once laid, all you need to do is lay your outdoor tiling on the pedestal heads. No joint or glue, your paving terrace is ready!

As a specialist in paving terrace pedestals, we have chosen to offer you professional quality outdoor tiling. Non-slip outdoor tiles, anti-stain outdoor tiles, full-body or glazed porcelain stoneware tiles, 60 x 60 cm porcelain stoneware tiles, imitation wood exterior tiles, natural stone effect exterior tiles due to the ceramic…All styles of outdoor tiling are offered at attractive prices. In regard to color, a wide choice is available to you with gray non-slip exterior tiles, beige porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone terrace pavings, etc. Last but not least, find large outdoor patio pavings such as 60 x 60 cm, 75 x 75 cm, 80 x 80 cm, 90 x 90 cm and even 120 x 120 cm. Of course, our terrace tiles are also available in a rectangular format to adapt to all your projects.


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