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Essential accessories for laying a terrace on pedestals

Laying a terrace on pedestals can seem like a mountain to climb and seem impossible to achieve alone. However, we do everything we can to make it easier for you and show you that in the end, creating the terrace of your dreams is very simple and fast! 

On this article, you will find all the necessary accessories for laying your terrace on pedestals. Next step: the pose, which you will find on our dedicated articles, here!

Wooden terrace on pedestals: the necessary accessories

Accessories for wooden terrace pedestals

Risers: 60 and 110 mm, these allow you to add height to your pedestals and thus create raised terraces, steps or simply make up for a missing height; thanks to a quick installation without fasteners or tools. With the possibility of adding up to 4 on the same pedestal, you can reach 700 mm in height with a classic pedestal and 725 mm with a self-leveling pedestal.

Do you have sloping or uneven ground? No problem, because thanks to the self-leveling discs, you can catch up to 5% slope over 1 meter. Easy to install, just clip it to the base of the pedestal at the necessary locations.

The downside you may experience with a raised deck is the resonance of your movements on the deck surface. With the anti-noise pads placed under the pedestals, noise and vibrations will be absorbed, which will provide you with optimal comfort.

Protection of joists and laying of wooden boards: the necessary

In order to guarantee the durability of your structure and extend its life, it is necessary to protect it from humidity and dripping water. To do this, the use of joist protection strips is the perfect solution!

  • The brand bitumen tape YEED (Ex Rinno) is resistant to temperatures ranging from - 40° to + 80°C and is 100% waterproof. Non-deformable and tear-proof, it also provides sound insulation.
  • The protective strips of the JOUPLAST brand also resist extreme temperatures (- 30° to + 60°C) and effectively protect your joists from humidity.

Thanks to the plank spacers, the latter will be evenly spaced, which will guarantee you an aesthetic, solid and durable wooden deck; by preventing the movement of the boards and by facilitating the circulation of air and the evacuation of water.

Last but not least, the perfect solution to obtain an aesthetic terrace is the invisible fixing kit.

Tiled terrace on pedestals: installation accessories

The essentials for laying a paving terrace on pedestals

In the same way as for a wooden terrace, 2 accessories are the basis for laying your pedestals: the risers and the self-leveling disc.

Likewise, the risers can be 60 and 110 mm and can make up for missing heights or create raised terraces. One can add up to 4 on the same pedestal, the height of the pedestals can reach 700 to 725 mm depending on the type of pedestal (classic or self-leveling).

Ideal for your sloping or uneven ground, the self-leveling discs can be clipped at the base of your pedestals quickly and makes it possible to catch up 5% of the slope of your ground.

To guarantee optimal comfort on your slab terrace, it is possible to use anti-noise wedges. Placed on the head of the pedestal, these allow the absorption of vibrations linked to movements on the terrace, thus offering maximum acoustic comfort.

Finishing your patio is the final step in installing it. The latter is carried out thanks to two accessories as easy to use as the other: 

  • The paving plate: positioned directly on the head of the pedestal, it allows the installation of pedestals at the edge of the terrace or against the walls. Its objective is to guarantee the stability of your coating.
  • The cladding support: clipped to the base of the terrace pedestal, the cladding support allows you to close your terrace by concealing the structure quickly and aesthetically.

Finally, to prevent you from ending the day with a bad back but a beautiful terrace, paving doors are the solution! Essential accessory to avoid back pain, it allows you to easily lift the covering pavings when laying it.

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