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Composite wooden deck

  • Wooden terrace pedestals

    Range of pedestals for wooden or composite decking. Fixed and adjustable pedestals for wooden decks from 10 to 358 mm. 

    The joist pedestal serves as a foundation when laying a terrace: simple to use and quick to install, the pedestal for terrace is the least expensive solution on the market. It is practical and can be placed on any support: soft ground, gravel, concrete slab...and can also be used to cover an old terrace or to create a roof terrace. The pedestal for the wooden terrace is placed directly on the ground and does not require professional help: carry out the installation yourself in just one weekend

    Made in France for the Jouplast, YEED (Ex Rinno) and Vérindal pedestals , the terrace pedestals comply with current standards DTU 43.1 and 51.4 and are made of polypropylene, a solid and sustainable material. They are resistant to load (up to 1 ton per pedestal), frost and UV, temperature variations (from -30° to +60°) and also rot-proof. Plus, get a 10-year product warranty with the YEED (Ex Rinno) brand.

    The Profilitec joist pedestals are high-end terrace pedestals that favor perfect customization to meet all your landscaping requirements. 

    Our pedestal brands: Jouplast, YEED (Ex Rinno), Profilitec, Verindal. 

  • Wooden terrace accessories

    All the accessories that are required to build your wooden deck are available on discount pedestals at attractive prices: invisible fixing kit to fix your wooden deck boards, wooden decking board spacer, boards straightener, bituminous tape to protect your joists against humidity, geotextile felt and notched wedges but also pedestal extension and self-leveling disc. You will find all the essential equipment to build your wooden terrace. As for its layout, take advantage of our quality wooden terrace accessories: floor sockets, staircase modules... Your discount pedestal terrace is just as you imagined it... Now all you have to do is make the most of this! 

    Our wooden terrace accessories are manufactured by the major brands on the market : Jouplast, YEED (Ex Rinno), Spax, Tencate, Bubox, not to mention, Edma.

  • Wooden decking boards

    To develop your wooden terrace, we have selected high-end wooden decking boards. Our wooden decking boards are all class 4 wooden boards, whether it is softwood like Scots pine or exotic wood. Our Ipe and Massaranduba wooden boards are of class 5! This guarantee of excellence is synonymous with the durability and robustness of your terrace. This prestigious lumber is strongly recommended around a swimming pool.   

    For the construction of your wooden terrace, we offer wooden decking boards of 3 m and 4m but that’s not it! Given the wide choice of exotic wood decking boards, you can build the terrace of your dreams while sticking to your tight budget. From 1.85 linear meters for tight budgets up to 6.10 lm for a prestigious terrace.

    In terms of North Red pine, more commonly known as Pine Scots, three lengths of boards shall be proposed to you: 2.7 ml, 3 ml and 4.2 ml.


  • Composite decking boards

  • Wooden & aluminum joists

    To construct your wooden terrace on pedestal, joists will be necessary in order to solidify your wooden terrace. For a Scots pine or Northern red pine terrace, opt for pine joists which need to be placed every 50 cm. For an exotic wooden deck, opt for exotic wooden boards. These will be placed every 40 cm. All our pine wooden joists are class 4, to avoid possible fungi. Be careful though, the joists are never to be placed on the ground but to be placed on wooden terrace pedestals.

    As for the exotic wood, our Maçaranduba joists are class 5, which allows using them in a marine environment and in brackish water. A real asset for poolside terraces.

    As for the lengths of wooden joists, we offer joists from 2.10 linear meters to 4.50 ml for exotic wood and Scots pine joists from 2.40 ml to 4 linear meters.

    Last but not least, to build your wooden or paved terrace, you can opt for Profilideck aluminum joists from Jouplast, which are solid and resistant. These super-resistant joists are mainly recommended for the installation of composite wood terraces, and even for paved terraces! This aluminum profile is made up of two different sides, to make all sorts of installation possible.


  • Wooden decking screw

    Discover our wide range of wooden terrace screws. Two brands are available: the famous Spax screws for wooden terraces and the Rinno screws, more confidential but just as effective for fixing your wooden boards.

    If your deck is made of Scots pine, opt for softwood screws that will bring life to the wood. If your terrace is made of exotic wood, torx head screws will suit you. A class A2 will be very useful for its resistance in regard to corrosion and essential if your wooden terrace is near a  swimming pool. In any case, stainless steel screws are mandatory for fixing your wooden board terrace.


  • Maintenance products

    For the maintenance of your wooden terrace, don’t forget about the degreaser and saturator for wooden terrace! These two maintenance products are magical for restoring the shine and authentic color of your wooden terrace. All our maintenance products are of professional quality and guarantee an effective and fast treatment without any effort.

    The wood brightener is the ideal ally to recover the light and warm color of your wooden terrace in a few minutes. No stripping or brushing is required. With a 5 to 10 minute break, recover the original color of your exotic wood or Scots pine boards. Once this operation has been carried out, let it dry for 24 hours before applying the saturator for decking wood.

    Our saturator is effective after a single coat and allows you to resume a warm hue for your wooden deck. Colorless, it restores shine while retaining the natural appearance of all woods, exotic or not. Not only is this saturator smart but it also protects your wooden terrace from UV rays and stains while offering an anti-graying action. For optimal rendering, CorilPro saturation should be applied twice a year.

    Concerned about the environment and your health, CorilPro wooden terrace maintenance products trigger a very low volume of VOCs.


  • Terrace foundation screws

    Weasyfix foundation screws are designed to fix your wooden deck on stilts, with any floor type. Ingenious, these piles of substantial size allow you to build a terrace on stilts or any other wooden construction that requires raising. This solution does not require concrete and saves you precious time.

    Our foundation screws are all manufactured by Weasyfix and are offered to you at an attractive price. The brand offers foundation screws, connectors and accessories developed in compliance with the strictest standards: steel profile, dedicated fixing bolts and wedges. Find everything you need to create your own terrace on stilts.

    A genuine reference in terms of foundation screws, Weasyfix is THE brand to trust without any issues. What's more, Weasyfix foundation screws guarantee you an ecological and economical solution for your wooden terrace project on stilts. It is key to find at the best price on Plots Discount!

To enhance your wooden or composite terrace, consider discount pedestals and our wide and attractive offer. You shall find all the material you need to construct your wooden terrace. Exotic wooden boards, ideal for outdoors, class 4 wood boards are qualitative and rot-proof, class 5 such as Ipé and Massaranduba, but also and most of all wooden terrace pedestals to enhance your wooden terrace in record time!

Specialist in terrace pedestals, we offer a wide range of pedestals for wooden terraces and for paved terraces. Our terrace pedestals are solid, easy to install, practical and can even be adjusted or self-leveled. We have selected the best of wooden terrace pedestals: Jouplast, Rinno, Profilitec and Verindal, all pedestal professionals. Therefore, regardless of your wooden or composite terrace project, you shall find the wooden terrace pedestal you need through just one click.

To complete your project and get the wooden deck of your dreams, choose your wooden decking boards or composite wooden deck among our selection! Our wooden decking boards are class 4 or class 5, whether they come from an exotic or softwood. For a top notch wooden deck and a perfect aesthetic outcome, choose wooden boards that are of the same length. If you wish to build a beautiful terrace with a strict budget, the 3 m and 4 m wooden boards are the right way to go.

To further optimize your budget and make your life easier, composite decking boards are ideal. They don’t require any maintenance, composite decks are also less expensive. All of our composite boards are of great quality. We only sell solid composite decking boards. The good news is that you will find composite decking boards at the best price right here.

There are wooden terrace pedestals, wooden or composite decks: just great! However, you may need the right wooden decking accessories: joists, wooden deck screws and other foundation screws. As for the joists, find the exotic wood decking joist, the class 4 decking joist, the composite decking joist… All of our decking joists are, like our wooden boards, of top-notch quality. To fix everything, take a look at our wooden deck screws and our foundation screws for wooden decks. Screws in stainless steel for wooden terraces, exotic wood terrace screws, spax screws or invisible screws: we offer an entire series of special wooden screws to build your terrace. As for foundation screws, find the famous Weasyfix foundation screws at unbeatable prices. Of course, you can also find other very useful accessories for the layout of your wooden terrace: floor sockets, geotextile and stairways.

Once your terrace has been installed, make the most of it and don't forget to maintain it with our wood sobers and saturators. This way you’ll maintain a clean and charming wooden terrace where you can kick back and relax!  


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