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Laying a wooden deck on pedestals

To have a solid and durable wooden terrace, laying on pedestals must follow a few simple steps. Easy and quick to install, the pedestal method does not require any special skills. gives you all the steps to brilliantly create your terrace in no time!


  • Bracket
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Screwdriver drill
  • Jigsaw/radial saw
  • Hammer
  • Large ruler
  • Chalk line

Preparing the ground for laying a wooden deck

Installation on concrete paving, existing terrace

In this case, no preparation is necessary. Go straight to laying the pedestals!

Laying on rough ground

In this case, the objective is to obtain a stable and loose surface. The following four steps must then be carried out:

Laying a wooden terrace on adjustable pedestals

1. Arrange the pedestals and adjust the height

  1. Arrange the pedestals on the ground respecting the spacing
  2. Adjust the height by turning the adjustment ring. The adjustment is made to the millimeter.
Disposition idéale des plots terrasse bois


To carry out this step easily, draw a line every 50 cm using your chalk line to define the location of the joists. Then, arrange your pedestals at equal distances every 70 cm.

2. Lay and fix the joists on the pedestals

3. Lay the wood board covering

Finishing up a wooden deck

Once the installation is complete and the covering installed, all that remains is to close the side of the terrace.

  1. Measure the height and make the necessary cuts
  2. Place fascia board horizontally
  3. Screw the board into the joist

To take things up a notch:

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