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Terrace pedestals: what to put them on?

The terrace pedestals are practical, economical and quick solutions for fitting out a wooden or paving terrace without heavy work or heavy equipment. However, the installation of terrace pedestals seems to induce questions: On what to put the terrace pedestals? What support for terrace pedestals? What should I put under my terrace pedestals? These questions related to the installation of a terrace on pedestals are quite natural and you will discover in this article that the answers to these questions are very simple. Focus on the ease of installation and practicality of terrace pedestals!

Support for terrace pedestals

Big advantage of the terrace pedestal method: they adapt to any type of terrain. They are even capable of leveling sloping ground! On the side of the support, apart from a geotextile film to prevent the growth of weeds, nothing in particular: bare ground, gravel, concrete paving or old terrace... You can put your pedestals on the ground you want. Note, for installation on the lawn, we still recommend that you prepare your site a little. Small earthworks will be necessary to guarantee the stability of your construction.

To do this, loosen your soil over 15 cm, lay a geotextile film and cover with gravel over about 15 cm. Once this earthwork has been completed, all you have to do is put your terrace pedestals on the ground. Your pedestals do not need to be fixed because with the weight of the pavings or joists for a wooden terrace, they will be weighted and will not move.

The ideal pedestal for a wooden terrace

The terrace pedestals allow you to create the terrace of your dreams easily and quickly. If you are charmed by the authenticity of wood, know that making a wooden terrace on pedestals is quite doable! All you have to do is choose joist pedestals intended for the installation of a wooden terrace. These recycled and recyclable polypropylene pedestals accommodate your joists. For a stable and solid foundation, it is necessary to screw your joists using the tab on the head of the pedestal.

Don't forget to cover your joists with a bituminous protective strip. This insulation will protect your joists from humidity and water runoff.

Lay your wooden slats then screw them with special wood deck screws. Your wooden deck is ready, all you have to do is enjoy it!

To learn more about the installation of a wooden terrace, it's here!

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The ideal pedestal for a paving terrace

For an outdoor tiled terrace, the installation is even simpler! Lay your slab pedestals on your floor, easily adjust their height thanks to the dedicated nut which offers precision to the millimeter. Once your terrace pedestals are installed, lay the tile slabs one by one. Four pedestals are required for a tiling tile measuring less than 60 x 60 cm. Beyond that, add one or two central pedestals.

For the finishes, position the cladding support on the base of the pedestal and clip the slab plate on the head of the pedestal. Add a dot of glue on the trim support and on the paving plate. Slide the side slab vertically into the slot provided for this purpose. Remember to press on the glue dots. To hold the paving in the upper part, a little glue on the paving plates and you're done!

Other configurations are also possible. To find out more about laying a paving terrace, head to our dedicated article!

A video tutorial to help you

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