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Pedestals FAQ 


What are the advantages to use pedestals for patio ?


Fast and economical, pedestal for terrace are the perfect solution to make a patio in wood, tile or stone. This new laying technique, more and more used, present numerous advantages

Terrasse bois sur plots

Perfect for all kind of floor

The terrace pedestals are suitable for all types of floor,
thus you can cover up a previous terrace which you do not like
anymore or which is poorly designed, for instance. Moreover,
if your floor is not perfectly level, you can resolve that
problem with the pedestals. Thanks to their height adjuster,
they are adjustable with a perfect precision. With the different
model, you can get an amplitude between 10 mm and 460 mm.
If you floor is sloping, you can offset level differences in
changing the height of each pedestals.

terrasse en dalle sur plots

Easy to use

Very easy to install, the use of pedestal for terrace is accessible
to all. The pedestals don’t need to be fixed, they just have to be
put down on the ground spacing them homogeneously. The interval
between each pedestals depend on the type of tile or joist used.
In addition, its self-locking grooves hold the pedestal on the
ground for a better resistance. The adjustment system is also very
simple to use, through a nut which adjust the height.
With two systems called « EASY CREW » and « CLICK OFF »
the desired height is maintained and the charge adjustment is possible.
The pedestals can be installed by professionals or individuals thanks
to their simplicity of use. Nowadays, the pedestals are more and more
popular. With pedestals you can realize the terrace of your dream
in very little time. You can say goodbye to the long days of work !

Pose plots lambourde pour terrasse

Very resistant

Conform to the latest Unified Technical Documents, the pedestals
for terrace are designed to fit any project. They resist high
loads and bad weather. They are 100% recyclable, the pedestals
can cope with different climate conditions ( between -30°C and
+60°C). To favour the impermeability, the pedestals have a 200
mm diameter flask which is multi-perforated to eliminate water
retention. The pedestals are robust and can support a load up
to 1 ton. Therefore, choosing to create your terrace with
pedestals, you have the guarantee of an optimum durability.

terrasse en dalle sur plotsEasy to install

With this revolutionary product, you will get your design and trendy
terrace in just few hours. The laying of the pedestals is very fast.
No fastening is required, you simply lay them on the ground. They will
be weighted by the weight of your tiles or joists. Once installation
is complete, the height of each pedestal will be set to obtain a perfectly
flat and uniform floor. With their adjustment system, you can easily change
their height. Then, you have to set down the tiles or joists, depending
on the desired terrace. For a terrace with tiles, place them on paving pedestals , which have a surface with 4 spacers of
3 mm thickness which can be removed to facilitate the installation in bank
board or in corners. For a wooden terrace, put the joists on the pedestals
and screw it with vertical tabs present on each side of the pedestal head.
Thereby, thanks to the rapidity and simplicity of the installation you can
create the terrace of your dreams in just one day.

pose terrasse en bois autour d'une piscine

Clear a space under the terrace

All the electricity and plumbing can be hidden under the terrace.
Thanks to the pedestals you can have a space between the ground
and your terrace where you can put a cable for lighting or a
garden hose.

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