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What are the advantages of terrace pedestals?

Quick and economical, terrace pedestals are the ideal solution for designing your wooden, paving, tile, ceramic or stone terrace. This new installation technique, which is increasingly practiced, has many advantages.

1. Adapts to all mounting surfaces

The wooden terrace pedestals and the paving terrace pedestals are suitable for all types of floors, so you can cover an already existing terrace that you no longer like or that is poorly designed, for example. Moreover, if your ground is not perfectly level, the terrace pedestals will allow you to obtain a flat surface. Thanks to their rotating ring, the pedestals are adjustable in height with millimeter precision.

Two leading brands on the terrace pedestal market are marketed on Plots Discount: 

  • Jouplast which offers for wooden terrace pedestals, pedestals ranging from 10 mm to 470 mm. For paving terrace pedestals, depending on the model, you will obtain an amplitude of 8 mm to 485 mm. Depending on your terrain and its possible unevenness, you can opt for fixed or adjustable pedestals.

  • YEED (Ex Rinno) offers wooden terrace pedestals from 8 mm to 725 mm. Regarding paving terrace pedestals, it's the same, YEED (Ex Rinno) offers you an amplitude of 8 mm to 725 mm. At YEED (Ex Rinno), the terrace pedestals are fixed, adjustable and/or self-levelling. The latter make it possible to catch up to 5% in height over 1 meter. Very practical pedestals to lay the covering level.
lambourdes sur plots terrasse bois
lambourdes aluminium sur plots terrasse dalle

2. Easy to use

Quick and easy to install, the use of pedestals for terrace is accessible to all :

  • No need to be fixed, the pedestals are placed directly on the ground, spacing them evenly. The interval between each pedestals will depend on the type of coating used.

  • Height adjustment to the millimeter: it is done by hand without additional tools thanks to the adjustment ring located under the head of the pedestal.

  • Economical and quick solution: thanks to the pedestals for terrace, you can lay your terrace yourself without having to carry out major works: no concrete screed, and no drying time

The pedestals are today an increasingly popular product, which allows you to create the terrace of your dreams in a very short time. With these products, you can say goodbye to long working days!

3. Adaptable and modular

module d'escalier modulesca sur terrasse

The advantage of terrace pedestals is obviously their practicality. Simple to install, they do not require heavy tools. But their practicality goes far beyond the installation.

The terrace pedestals are adaptable to multiple configurations. Create, in no time, stair steps thanks to the pedestals of different levels. Durable, because made of recycled polypropylene, they are also easily interchangeable. Finally, with these ingenious pedestals, one forgets about the expansion of the coverings; whether for a paving or for a wooden deck.

escalier modulesca revêtu de lames de bois

4. Pvc pedestal for terrace: very resistant

Compliant with the latest Unified Technical Documents (DTU) 43.1 and 51.4, the terrace pedestals are designed to adapt to all your projects.

They will withstand high loads and weathering. Made of 100% recyclable material, the terrace pedestals can cope with different climatic conditions (between -30°C and +60°C). In order to promote sealing, the pedestals are equipped with a 200 mm diameter multi-perforated flange to eliminate water retention. The pedestals are also robust and can support a load of up to one ton.

Therefore, by choosing to design your terrace using pedestals, you are guaranteed optimal durability.

5. Quick to lay

Thanks to this revolutionary product, you will get your trendy and stylish terrace in just a few hours. Indeed, the installation of terrace pedestals is very fast. No fixing is necessary, you just have to put them directly on the ground. The pedestals will be ballasted by the weight of your pacings or joists.

Once the installation is complete, the height of each pedestal must be adjusted in order to obtain a perfectly flat and uniform assembly. Thanks to their finger-operated adjustment ring, you can easily change the height of the terrace pedestals.

Then, the pavings or joists must be laid according to the type of terrace desired:

  • For a paving terrace, simply lay them on the special pavingterrace pedestals, which have a support surface with 4 spacers 3 mm thick and which can be removed to facilitate laying on the edge of the bank or in the angles.

  • For a wooden deck, place the joist on the pedestal and screw it using the vertical tabs on each side of the head of the pedestal.

Thus, thanks to the speed and simplicity of assembly, you can create the terrace of your dreams in just one day.

6. Clear a space under the terrace

All electricity and plumbing can be hidden below your terrace. The use of pedestals allows you to clear a space between the ground and your terrace where you can pass a cable for lighting or a garden hose. Another asset which sounds appealing!

terrasse avec ouverture pour voir les fils placés sous la terrasse

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