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Wooden terrace or paving terrace: which one to choose?

When you want to build a terrace, two main types of coating are in opposition: the fans of wood and its warm side, or the tiling which is so practical! Whether you choose a wooden terrace or a paving terrace, know that coatings have many advantages. Zoom on these!

The timeless natural wood terrace

Wood lovers swear by it, and for good reason: the wooden deck is warm, lively, organic, natural and offers a pleasant look and feel. A noble material, decking wood comes in different species to match your decorative desires. From the light shade of Scots Pine to the deep brown of Ip, passing through a yellow or red Camaru... the color variants offer you a multitude of possibilities.

Of course, the different species of wood, whether exotic or resinous, have their own particularities. Be aware, however, that all the wooden boards offered on Plots Discount are at least class 4. This equates to a 10 year warranty for outdoor use. Ipé is even class 5 for a wood of excellence. Of course, for a highly aesthetic result, our softwood and exotic wood slats have smooth faces and are available in different lengths. For an exceptional terrace, choose the longest boards to avoid cutouts and joints.

Obviously, wood requires some maintenance because this organic material lives and moves over time. To avoid the natural graying of the wood, do not hesitate to sober it up and apply a saturator to find the color of its tint.

Finally, the wooden terrace is more expensive than a paving terrace. This, because of the price of wood. But its nobility and its charm are well worth it. In any case, for lovers of beautiful things, wood is a must.

The tiled terrace: practical and resistant

For its aesthetics and for the range of possibilities it offers, the paving terrace is widely used in the development of a terrace. Many outdoor tiles exist and allow you to create a terrace area. On Plots Discount, different types of tiling are available: porcelain stoneware slab, durable and weather resistant, ceramic tiling which can imitate many materials such as wood, metal or natural stone.

More than the wooden terrace, the slab terrace is personalized and adapts to all your decorative desires. From anthracite gray to white, all colors are possible. Another advantage of the tiled terrace: its cost, which is a little more economical than wood.

A disadvantage ? The exterior tiles can be slippery in the weather. Better to treat it with an anti-slip product to avoid any incident.

And a composite wooden deck?

A clever mix of wood and PVC, the composite wood slats combine the qualities of both materials. Easy to maintain and practical, it is as warm as natural wood.

Its assets: 

  • 20 year warranty most of the time
  • Frost resistant
  • Rot-proof
  • Dries faster than wood

Visually, it offers a host of variants: it can be as warm as wood or in a more gray color for a stone effect. For unparalleled quality and to prevent it from wearing down over time, opt for solid composite decking boards.

In terms of the price, a composite wooden deck will fall between the cost of a natural wood deck. An option to consider!

As you have read, each coating has great qualities and little disadvantages. Your choice will be made according to your tastes and your lifestyle. By choosing for the layout of your wooden, paving or composite wood terrace, you will be making the best choice!

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