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Our products offers a variety of terrace pedestals for slabs and joists and accessories for a perfect finish. Discover the different French quality products at very low prices. Very resistant, all our products meet current norms and are conform with DTU 43.1.

Decking pedestal

If you wan to design a wooden deck, the decking pedestals will be ideal for you. Quick and easy to use, this technique will gives you the opportunity to create your dream terrace. You just have to put the pedestals on the ground, then fix the joists on them thanks to their flaps present on each side of the pedestal’s head. Do not use composite joists but wood or metal ones.

Plot dalle lambourde 10 mm

10 mm pedestal (fixed)

With this Jouplast pedestal, build a wooden patio which will be resistant face with
any weather conditions. Very thin, thanks to this pedestal, you will get a space
between your deck and the floor thus air will circulate and rising damp will be
avoid. It can also be used to enhance another adjustable pedestal. You can only
use only one to enhance an adjustable pedestal.

Adjustable 20/30 mm pedestal

20/30 mm adjustable pedestal

This Jouplast pedestal can be adjusted from 20 to 30 mm depending on the desired height.
Very resistant, it can support loads up to 1 ton. To favor impermeability, this pedestal
has a 200 mm diameter flask which is multi-perforated to eliminate water retention.

Plot dalle lambourde réglable 40/65 mm

40/65 mm adjustable pedestal

Manually adjustable from 40 to 65 mm, you can level up your deck very easily. With these
pedestals, you will have a beautiful wooden patio, resistant to severe storms and intense

Plot terrasse réglable lambourde 50/80 mm

50/80 mm adjustable pedestal

With a millimetric adjustment, you can easily adjust the level of your wooden patio. Thus,
it will become adaptable, you can choose later to enlarge or enhanced it.

Plot dalle lambourde réglable 80/140 mm

80/140 mm adjustable pedestal

These pedestals are adjustable from 80 to 140 mm which will help you to install your deck.
You can choose the height by setting the pedestals to the nearest millimeter.

Plot dalle lambourde réglable 140/230 mm

140/230 mm adjustable pedestal

These are the highest pedestals of our range, adjustable from 140 to 230 mm. With these
pedestal you can design a robust and quality terrace.

Paving pedestal

Do you wan a patio in tile, ceramic or stone ? However, you don’t want to spent countless hours to make a terrace. offers a quick and economical solution with its slab support pedestals. After preparing your floor, simply put the tiles on the previously positioned pedestals. The heavy tiles will weight the pedestals, which guarantee a stable and strong terrace. Moreover, thanks to their millimeter adjustment system you can choose the height of your terrace. On we guarantee resistant pedestals and conform with DTU 43.1 norms.

Plot dalle terrasse fixe 10 mm

10 mm pedestal (fixed)

This Jouplast pedestal is designed only to create a terrace in ceramic or tile. These pedestals
have two functions, they are perfect to support a terrace but also to enhance it by adding to
another pedestal.

Plot dalle dalle terrasse réglable 20/30 mm

20/30 mm adjustable pedestal

Adjustable from 20 to 30 mm, you can easily compensate for level differences. For any additional
maintenance, you can put a pedestal at the center of the slab. With 4 spacers 3mm breakable, you
can get a smooth head.

Plot dalle lambourde réglable 40/64 mm

40/65 mm adjustable pedestal

Resistant to bad weather and heavy loads, these pedestals are perfect for a design and modern patio.
You can adjust the level from 40 to 65 mm, thus you can reduce level differences. For more stability,
place a pedestal in the middle of the slabs by removing the 4 spacers present on the support head.

Plot dalle lambourde réglable 50/80 mm

50/80 mm adjustable pedestal

Ideal to design terrace in slab, tile, ceramic or natural stone. You can choose the height of your terrace
between 50 and 80 mm thanks to its adjustable ring. These pedestals allow you to have an aesthetically
pleasing and very resistant terrace.

Plot dalle lambourde réglable 50/140 mm

80/140 mm adjustable pedestal

These pedestals are only for terrace in slab, ceramic or tile. Choose the height of your patio from 80 to 140
mm height. A beautiful space will be available below the terrace which will allow the air passage and avoid
rising damp.

Plot dalle lambourde réglable 140/230mm

140/230 mm adjustable pedestal

Specifically designed for terrace in slab, tile, ceramic or stone, these pedestals are adjustable from 140 to 230 mm.
With this control system, you can compensate for level differences. Adaptable, you can at any time change the height
of your patio.


On, find our range of accessories that will facilitate the implementation of your patio and you will get a perfect finish. Discover our foam wedge for slab support pedestals and our gum wedge at discount prices.

Cale mousse amortisseur pour plot dalle

Acoustic damper

Diameter of 104 mm and thickness of 4 mm, with these Jouplas acoustic dampers you can protect your pedestals and avoid all resonances.

Cale amortisseur gomme contact en pneu recyclé

Vibration buffer

Theses 204 mm diameter and 4 mm thickness dampers have to be put on the pedestal head to reduce vibration. Breakable, they
also compensate thickness differences of the slabs.

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