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The advantages of self-leveling pedestals

Jouplast Cleman: self-leveling paving pedestals

Only the paving pedestals are self-leveling at Jouplast. Adjustable, they offer millimeter-precise height adjustment. Their self-leveling character is perfect for creating or compensating for a slope of up to 5% over one meter. To do this, simply turn the nut located under the head of the pedestal. This can be done manually or using the Cleman Adjustment Wrench once your siding is in place.

Advantages of Cleman self-leveling pedestals from Jouplast

  • Integrated acoustic rubber for your comfort when traveling on your terrace,
  • Square shape of the base allowing easier installation at an angle thanks to the reduction of the overhang between the pedestal and the wall
  • Side finishing system integrated into the base of the paving pedestal for a highly aesthetic terrace.

Please note that a standard range of self-leveling pedestals is available from Jouplast at a more attractive price. Their self-leveling character will be done by the head in order to create or compensate for a slope of up to 5% automatically.

plots cleman supportant du carrelage sur un chantier terrasse

YEED (formerly Rinno): self-leveling pedestals for the paving and joists

At YEED, self-leveling pedestals are available for outdoor tiled and wooden terraces. This is possible thanks to an ingenious system which is located at the base of the stud. Indeed, each self-leveling pedestal has a self-leveling disc clipped to its base to allow leveling. As with Jouplast pedestals, YEED self-leveling pedestals can create or compensate for a slope of up to 5% over one meter.

Advantages of the YEED self-leveling solution (Ex Rinno)

The particularity of the self-leveling pedestal at YEED (formerly Rinno) is twofold. The self-leveling nature of YEED pedestals is possible on joist pedestals and on slab pedestals. Plus, even standard YEED pedestals can become self-leveling by simply adding a self-leveling disc. To do this, simply place the self-leveling disc directly on the ground and fit the pedestal on top. The self-leveling disc attaches instantly with clips. No tools required! So you can easily transform some standard pedestals into self-leveling pedestals if your land requires it... clever!

The last advantage of YEED (formerly Rinno) self-leveling pedestals is of course their highly attractive price.

Profilitec: a unique and ingenious head

The high-end brand Profilitec offers an ingenious system. Two pedestals and three heads that allow all the possibilities. The self-leveling nature of Profilitec pedestals is located in the head of the pedestal. Unscrew the green nut to obtain a self-leveling head. This functionality is present on the three heads of the brand, namely: SUPAW for the joists, SUPA2 and SUPA4 for the slab. Like Jouplast and Rinno, the self-leveling nature of Profilitec heads makes it possible to compensate for or create up to 5% slope over one meter.

And to return to a non-self-leveling pedestal, you just have to screw the nut, smart, isn't it?

Advantages of the Profilitec self-leveling solution

The Profilitec pedestal is an all-in-one solution. One for several compatible heads… But not only! Transform the head of the pedestal with a stroke of the SUPAK key. This operation is done before laying or after laying when your covering is laid!

Profilitec pedestals are infinitely adjustable to the desired height thanks to SUPAR extensions! Simply, beyond 40 cm in height, plan the use of joists.

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