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How do I install my gravel patio?

A terrace on pedestals is placed on a hard floor such as a concrete paving, old tiles or even on wood. But did you know that the terrace on pedestals can also be placed on gravel? This quite common realization in terms of terrace pedestals is as practical as it is quick in terms of installation. Find out how to install your terrace on pedestals on gravel!

How to prepare the ground?

A terrace on gravel is made from loose soil such as earth. All you have to do is check the flatness of your ground beforehand, dig out your ground and then backfill it with gravel that you will take care to tamp or compact.

To assist you in this work, we suggest a few stages of ground preparation:

  • Mark out the area to be covered with gravel. This will match your terrace.
  • Dig 15 cm deep
  • Create a first flatness check
  • Lay down a geotextile felt to prevent the growth of weeds
  • Pour a first layer of all-comers to a depth of 5 cm
  • Then place your crushed gravel on the remaining 10 cm
  • Tamp down your gravel floor.

terrasse bois avec installation plots yeed sur gravier

What type of gravel should I choose to support my terrace?

For the installation of your terrace on gravel, choose coarse crushed gravel. Opt for crushed gravel with a grain size of more than 10 mm. Indeed, small gravels between gravels of 1 to 10 mm are more suitable for ornamentation or an apparent finishing coat.

Why tamp the ground?

Once your crushed gravel is laid, we invite you to use a rake to distribute it evenly. Once this is done, use a compactor to tamp the surface. This step is essential to guarantee the stability of the support before laying the pedestals and then the covering. For the sake of economy, do not hesitate to rent the compactor. This operation only needs to be done once and the purchase of a compactor would considerably increase your patio budget.

Your gravel surface is now ready for laying the pedestals. Depending on whether you choose a wooden terrace or a porcelain stoneware or paving terrace, the arrangement of the pedestals will be different. For laying paving pedestals, find all our advice in this article. For the installation of a wooden terrace, our recommendations can be found here. Do not forget, before laying, to draw up a layout plan which will allow you to estimate the number of pedestals necessary but also the number of porcelain stoneware tiles or the number of joists and wooden boards necessary for the realization. of your terrace on pedestals. Good job!

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