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Vérindal, 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of pedestals for terraces

Plots Discount has selected Vérindal+ terrace pedestals to expand its range of wooden terrace pedestals and paving terrace pedestals. Vérindal+ pedestals are French-made pedestals of impeccable quality and optimal resistance. Combining performance, robustness and controlled prices, these terrace pedestals will quickly become essential, find out why!

Expertise at the disposal of terrace pedestals

Vérindal+ pedestals are designed and manufactured by the companies BOUVARD and INPA, real references in the production of molds and plastic injections. Indeed, for more than 40 years, these French companies have combined their know-how to design and manufacture plastic products. Thus, pre-study, project study, realization of functional prototype, quality and production tests are part of their daily life.

It is only natural that these companies have turned to the manufacture of reliable and robust terrace pedestals, called Vérindal+.

Vérindal+: solutions designed for users

Vérindal is part of a process of permanent innovation with quality solutions whose efficiency and simplicity of installation are at the heart of these. Thus, find two ranges of terrace pedestals:

  • The B pedestals of Vérindal+ which correspond to wooden terrace pedestals or joist pedestals. This range, made up of 6 pedestals, makes it easier to lay wooden terraces with a height between 20 mm and 230 mm maximum.
  • The H pedestals of Vérindal+ which correspond to the paving terrace pedestals. This range, made up of 6 pedestals, also allows the laying of porcelain stoneware terraces with a height between 20 mm and 260 mm maximum.

Combined with the terrace pedestals, Vérindal has designed wedge 08. This wedge makes it possible to slightly catch up with the level of the ground. Thus, very simply catch up on the irregularities of the ground in order to install your terrace in the best conditions. This wedge is in fact a flexible block with low level adjustment. It is positioned at the end of the joists or at the corner of the pavings. It makes it possible to detach the structure of the terrace from the ground, thus guaranteeing the longevity of your creation.

Other accessories exist to perfect your terrace on pedestals and in particular the slope regulator which allows you to precisely adjust the correction of your slope up to 10%. This slope regulator is positioned on the base of your Vérindal+ pedestal and allows, thanks to the rotation of its upper part, to precisely adjust your slope correction up to 10%.

The Vérindal+ riser allows you to adjust or increase the final height of your terrace pedestals from the B and H ranges. At Vérindal, 4 risers coexist:

  • The R20 extension which adapts to all the references of the B and H range
  • The R60 extension, adaptable from references B70 and H70
  • The RB10 extension, adaptable from B20 references
  • The RH10 extension which adapts from the H20 references.

Finally, for the installation of paving pedestals, choose the pedestal damper which absorbs the roughness of the pavings and reduces noise and other resonances by attenuating vibrations for optimal comfort.

Vérindal+ terrace pedestals: technical performance and practicality

Vérindal+ pedestals are robust. Supporting a maximum load of up to 1 ton, Vérindal+ terrace pedestals are not afraid of cold or extreme heat. Indeed, these terrace pedestals have been tested to withstand temperatures between -20°C and +80°C.

Practical, the precision of the settings is millimetric. This ease of use even extends to the packaging of the pedestals. Indeed, a marking of references and quantities is carried out in order to find one's way on the construction sites. Regarding the B range of pedestals, it has a different color marking on the bag, which allows and facilitates its identification.

Finally, for environmental reasons, the packaging of Vérindal+ terrace pedestals is done in biodegradable bags. A responsible and sustainable argument which is welcome!

With a wide choice of pedestal heights, with the possibility of laying your terrace pedestals on sloping ground, on non-linear ground or with roughness, Vérindal+ offers suitable and qualitative solutions. Thanks to its French design and manufacture, the Vérindal brand provides solutions to each of your problems.

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