Outdoor modulesca stairs for wood or slab 100 cm


Reference : IM100NOP12

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Outdoor staircase step 100 cm wood or slab - MODULESCA

MODULESCA is a product that revolutionizes the way outdoor staircases are made. It allows for quick and durable installation. Made up of several modules, the staircase can be assembled by assembling them and allows the creation of all types of stairs. Whether it is a straight staircase or in quarter-turn, all types of staircases are possible with JOUPLAST's MODULESCA brand stair treads.


Use of the 100 cm stair tread for outdoor use

Don't get involved in any large-scale work, thanks to the MODULESCA staircase creation modules, building your staircase is child's play! Allow half a day for the installation of an outdoor staircase, once you have prepared your ground properly.

Preparing the ground for your staircase is easily done in 4 steps:

-          Define the location of the staircase

-          Discharge the area 10 cm deep.

-          Digging to house the first element of the structure: 1 m wide and 20 cm deep.

-          Line the bottom with gravel (size 0-20), pack and place the module on it.


Once these steps have been completed, it is time to move on to the assembly of the different elements of the staircase:

-          Get a level to check that the installation is straight.

-          Fill in the gravel module to ensure that it is securely held in place, without obstructing the slides.

-          Add the following module, insert the lugs with the nuts

-          Slide the module against the embankment and secure it with 3 screws.


To finish, make the covering of the steps of the outdoor staircase, in wood or slab:

-          Outdoor wooden staircase: lay then fix the joists and screw the wooden planks to the joists. Keep a spacing of 3 to 5 mm between the wooden planks.

-          Outdoor staircase in slab: color of the concrete up to the edge, glue the slabs to the steps and risers. Wait 48 hours for the concrete to dry.


Characteristics of the stair tread 100 cm

Length 93.4 cm; Width 42.4 cm; Height 17 cm. The weight of the step is 5.3 kg. The filling volume is 41 litres. The stair tread supports up to 6000 kg load without damage and is resistant to temperature variations from -20° to +70°. Made of glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene, this product is fully recyclable.

The assembly of the elements is done thanks to a system of notches and reinforced plastic guides. The modules are blocked by 3 screws (6X40 TX25). The fasteners are delivered with the staircase module.

Data sheet

Model : IM100NOP12

Outdoor modulesca stairs for wood or slab 100 cm

Width42,4 cm
Weight5,3 kg
OriginManufactured in France
Length total93,4 cm
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Note : 5/5

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