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Galvanized steel, 1120 mm foundation screws for terrace - Weasyfix


Reference : FS1120-FL

Foundation screws for wooden terrace and for other small constructions. Compensates for different height levels or uneven ground. Quick and easy installation: no need for concrete, no need to dig, and allows you to fix the rest of the structure immediately. 1120 mm long. More details

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1120 mm foundation screws for the installation of a wooden terrace

Do you want to make a wooden terrace foundation in a more environmentally friendly way? Weasyfix's foundation screws are what you need! These 1120 mm long screws guarantee a stable, secure and ecological structure. Suitable for loose soil such as sand, the terrace foundation screws makes the installation of your terrace easier, which is a piece of cake.

Advantages of Weasyfix’s 1120 mm foundation screws

  • Your garden will remain intact: No need to use concrete or to dig the ground to install the terrace foundation screws
  • You only have to drive the foundation screws directly into the ground with the Weasylectric tool, in order to respect the initial state of the soil as much as possible.
  • You can continue working on the foundation immediately: once the foundation screws are installed on the ground, you can immediately start installing the rest of the structure. 
  • Galvanized steel screws are durable, eco friendly and neutral for the soil and they comply with the DIN EN 18300 standard
  • ​​The surface of the wooden deck will be drainable;
  • In case you make a mistake, the screws can be easily removed and reused.

Steps to install terrace foundation screws

These foundation screws can be installed in three quick steps which can be done at any time: if it is sunny, raining, windy, hailing since they are super easy and fast to install :

1. Make a pilot hole to ensure the proper placement of the foundation screws. The latter can be done using an electric drill or a crowbar. The depth of the pilot hole must be 900 mm for loose soil;

2. Next, introduce the screw with your hands, then put the screwdriver’s head on the screw using the holder, provided for this purpose . This holder must be tightened against the compression washer;

3. Finally, place the Weasylectric on the screwdriver head, correcting the verticality every 4 turns with the help of the bubble level on the device. Once the desired deep is reached, remove the machine and unscrew the screwdriver head. The terrace foundation is now in place!

Technical characteristics of the Weasyfix foundation screws

  • Material: 3mm hot-dip galvanized steel (DIN EN ISO 1461 standard)
  • Appearance: 3 holes and a M16 thread in the center to fix connectors or other Weasyfix accessories.
  • Number of spirals: 5 wide spirals and a helix for better anchoring to the ground
  • Shape of the tip: a 180 mm and 3 mm thick helix
  • Load: 1120 mm long, it supports a load of up to 1000 kg in standard soil
  • Weight: 6, 07 kg
Data sheet

Model : FS1120-FL

Galvanized steel, 1120 mm foundation screws for terrace - Weasyfix

UseFoundations and structures for terraces
Content1120 mm galvanized steel foundation screw with galvanized steel helix for loose soil with central M16 to screw connectors
Diameter Thickness180
Lenght in mm1120
SH Code73181210
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