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How do I clean my paving terrace?

The paving terrace includes outdoor tiled terraces, porcelain stoneware, ceramic, natural stone such as granite, quartzite, travertine, marble, bluestone or slate. The paving terrace is therefore made from mineral materials. And although they are resistant and solid, it is still advisable to take the greatest care of them in order to enjoy your terrace for as long as possible. Discover, in this article, how to clean your outdoor tiled terrace.

Cleaning your outdoor tiled or natural stone terrace

Paving terraces require deep cleaning adapted to their mineral composition. Neither too abrasive nor too delicate, the maintenance products for natural stone and exterior tiles must be of professional quality, designed for this use. At the same time, avoid high-pressure cleaners which can damage the stones and joints of your terrace. Therefore, favor maintenance products such as those of the Fila brand, which are of professional quality, used by the pros and dedicated to the maintenance of tiled terraces. For regular cleaning of your paving terrace, opt for the Fila Cleaner Pro. This biodegradable cleaner respects delicate surfaces. It is used as an ordinary cleaning product with a dilution of 1:200 (i.e. 25 ml for 5L of water). It is applied with a classic push broom and does not require any special rinsing. Of professional quality, Fila Cleaner Pro is a must for individuals and professionals who use it after laying your porcelain stoneware terrace, for example, to give it an optimal finish.

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Specific cleaning of your paving terrace

Over time, your terrace loses its shine? There are several reasons for this: the seals darken with humidity and dirt, the seals turn green with the appearance of moss or small plants that have taken root on your terrace... In short, the seals of your terrace need a good clean shot. Forget the pressure washer that could blast chunks out of your gaskets and opt for Fila's special gasket cleaner instead. Fuganet is a specific cleaner for all types of joints. Biodegradable, it does not attack or corrode ceramic tiles. Indeed, it contains neither acids nor sodium hypochlorite and allows a gentle cleaning of joints. To do this, spray Fuganet directly on the joint, leave to act for a few minutes then rub with an abrasive sponge or brush. If your joints are really very dirty, a first deep wash with Deterdek Pro may be useful. This end-of-site detergent is very effective in removing stubborn inorganic stains.

If mosses, algae and other lichens have settled on your terrace, opt for Fila's Algacid anti-algae detergent. This maintenance product is fast (it acts in 15 minutes) and effective on stone, terracotta, facing bricks and cement.

Another disappointment that you may encounter on your terrace: the rust left by your outdoor furniture, for example on your paving terrace. To get rid of these nasty marks, nothing better than Fila's Norust anti-rust stain remover! Highly effective, it eliminates rust stains in 15 minutes after application. Note, a second application can be made just after the first, if necessary of course. This stain remover can be used on marble, granite, natural stone, agglomerates, porcelain stoneware and ceramics as well as terracotta and cement.

Protect your terrace with outdoor tiles

To preserve the shine of your paving terrace for a long time, consider waterproofing it. This waterproofing treatment will fill the pores of the stone and form a barrier against stains and dirt related to pollution and micro-organisms. Thus, you will be able to space out the cleanings which will be carried out much more easily and quickly! Finally, this waterproofing treatment will also prevent material bursting due to frost. To protect your paving terrace, two protectors exist in the Fila range: the water- and oil-repellent protector MP90 ECO XTREME and WET look protector.

If the first has a natural effect, it protects, waterproofs and facilitates the cleaning of stones and exterior tiles by reducing the absorption of the material. It prevents oily and watery stains and even has anti-graffiti properties. All this without altering the aesthetic appearance of your exterior tiles.

The second, on the other hand, is a consolidating treatment with a wet effect. To see the final rendering, pass a damp sponge over the stone. Be careful though, this waterproofing agent tends to make the stone slippery. Avoid near a swimming pool.

Within the Fila range, you will find all the maintenance products necessary for cleaning and protecting your porcelain stoneware terrace. All of these cleaners and protectors are eco-responsible and contain a large majority of biodegradable ingredients. They are therefore without any risk for your terrace and for you and your family.

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