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Paving terrace pedestal adjustable from 50 to 70 mm - H50 - Vérindal


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Dessin technique du plot dalle réglable H50 Vérindal+

Adjustable pedestal from 50 to 70 mm for tiled terrace - Vérindal

Paving pedestal adjustable from 50 to 70 mm from Vérindal. This tiled terrace pedestal allows you to create the foundations of your outdoor tiled terrace in a simple, fast and efficient way. Stable and resistant, this pvc pedestal is compatible with porcelain stoneware, outdoor tiling, concrete pavings and wooden gratings. The head of this paving pedestal is equipped with 4 2 mm thick fins allowing you to space your pavings evenly and uniformly.

The advantages of the Vérindal H50 50/70 mm paving terrace pedestal

  • Head equipped with 4 fins of 2 mm thickness offering a spacing of the pavings of 2 mm
  • Paving terrace pedestal equipped with an adjustment ring to adjust the height with millimeter precision
  • Pedestal placed on the ground without fixing and ballasted by the weight of the pavings  
  • Allows installation without glue or seal
  • Allows good ventilation of the structure thus avoiding humidity
  • Paving pedestals compatible with porcelain stoneware, exterior tiles, concrete pavings and wooden gratings

Advice: make a layout plan

To carry out your terrace project, it is essential to draw up a layout plan beforehand. This sketch, to the scale of your terrace, resumes its shape and dimensions.

This drawing also includes your paving terrace pedestals, spaced the width of your tiling tiles as well as the latter.

Practical, the layout plan saves you time when laying your tiled terrace on pedestals. It also saves you money: by calculating your material needs as closely as possible, you avoid unnecessary purchases.


To calculate the number of paving pedestals, remember that a tile is supported at its ends by 4 paving pedestals. From 60 x 60 cm, you add a central pedestal then a sixth for very large pavings such as 60 x 120 cm for example.

Ground preparation

Before laying your first paving terrace pedestal, it is necessary to study the question of the ground. If you are building your paving terrace on an old terrace or on a concrete screed, no worries, your surface is stable, go straight to laying the paving pedestals.

On the other hand, if you put your pvc pedestals on unfinished ground, it is essential to prepare your ground beforehand. This is to perpetuate your construction and prevent it from moving over time and weather vagaries such as drought or heavy rain. Preparing your surface means making your floor stable and safe for your tiled terrace on pedestals.

In addition, this ground preparation is simple, inexpensive and fast! Why deprive yourself of it?

  1. Dig 15 cm deep over the entire surface of your future terrace;
  2. Place a geotextile felt over the entire surface to prevent the growth of weeds between the wooden boards;
  3. Cover with crushed gravel;
  4. Compact everything to obtain a flat and loose surface;
  5. Check the flatness of the surface with a spirit level.

Steps for laying a paving terrace with Vérindal+ H50 pedestals

Simple and quick, laying your tiled terrace on pedestals will take you a day at most!

1/ Accessories for laying a tiled terrace on a Verindal pedestal

  • The 20 mm R20 riser to increase the height of your H50 pedestal;
  • The Vérindal+ slope regulator to correct the slope up to 10%;
  • The damper for paving terrace pedestal that offers you sound comfort;
  • The fixing kit for side finishes in black to dress the edges of your terrace;
  • The fixing kit for transparent side finishes;
  • A paving carrier to move the tiles without damaging your back.

2/ Place the Vérindal+ pedestals on the ground

  1. Lay the Vérindal+ H50 pedestals on the ground. Space them the width of your tiles.
  2. Add a damper to the head of the paving terrace pedestals to increase sound comfort.
  3. Repeat the operation to the end of the terrace.
  4. Adjust the height of the pedestals using the adjustment ring. Be sure to leave a slight slope to promote the flow of rainwater.

3/ Lay the covering

All you have to do is gently lay the tiles on the head of the paving pedestals. The pavings are placed between the fins located on the head of the pedestals and offer you a spacing between the pavings of 2 mm.

Technical characteristics

  • Complies with DTU 43.1
  • Load resistance up to 1 ton
  • Resistant to frost (-20°C) and UV (+80°C)
  • Height adjustable from 50 to 70 mm
  • Base diameter: 200 mm
  • Head diameter: 120 mm
  • Fin thickness: 2 mm
  • Made in France
The steps of installation a terrace on pedestals

The installation of a terrace on a pedestal is the easiest and quickest method to set up: follow the assembly steps and build your terrace in less than 3 days!


step 1Determine the required spacing, place the pedestals on the ground, adjust them and check everything with a spirit level.

step Once the installation is level, place the tiles on the head of the pedestals.

step 3Then adjust the height of the pedestals and check everything one last time with a spirit level.

step 4Finally, make the cuts to close the terrace laterally.

Installation of the pedestals
Installation of slabs on pedestals
Adjusting the pedestals
Finishing the terrace
Data sheet

Model : 

Paving terrace pedestal adjustable from 50 to 70 mm - H50 - Vérindal

ConformityIn compliance with the DTU 43.1 and 51.4
Adjustable height50 to 70 mm
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