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Wooden terrace pedestal adjustable from 75 to 115 mm - B70 - Vérindal


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The Vérindal+ B70 pedestal combines French quality and a low price. Discover this wooden terrace pedestal at an unbeatable price! Value for money guaranteed! More details

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Dessin technique du plot bois réglable B70 Vérindal+

Adjustable pedestal from 75 to 115 mm for wooden or composite decking - Vérindal

Adjustable joist pedestal from 75 to 115 mm for the construction of wooden terraces. This wooden terrace pedestal is perfect for building the foundations of your terrace with wooden boards or composite boards . Accommodating the joist with its dedicated strip, it ensures the maintenance and stability of your construction for many years. And this, without the use of heavy equipment or structural work. Yes, its installation is very simple!

The advantages of the B70 75/115 mm wooden terrace pedestal from Vérindal

  • Head equipped with a strip with 3 holes, which helps fix the joists
  • Wooden terrace pedestal equipped with an adjustment ring to adjust the height with millimetric precision
  • Pedestal placed on the ground without fixing and ballasted by the weight of the joist
  • Joist pedestal allowing good ventilation of the structure
  • Compatible with natural wooden boards and composite boards

Advice: make a layout plan

Before starting your terrace project, it is essential to think about it and put it on paper. Indeed, the layout plan will greatly help you to install your terrace and mainly to optimize your budget. How? It's simple, the layout plan is a sketch, to scale your terrace. It resumes its shape, its dimensions and the useful material for the construction of your wooden terrace on pedestal.

Therefore, lay out your first row of pedestals on paper, spaced every 50 cm. Back up 70 cm and go to the second row. And so on to the end of your wooden deck. Once the joist pedestals have been represented, place the joists then the wooden boards. You would have understood, thanks to the layout plan, you buy the equipment you really need. Even better, you save time during installation.

Ground preparation

Preparing the ground is a mandatory step. Why ? Quite simply to protect your wooden deck on pedestal from the passage of time and weather conditions (drought, heavy rain) that could cause it to move.

By stabilizing your ground, you guarantee your construction a stable and durable surface. In addition, this ground preparation is very simple! No major earthworks but a few hours of work and crushed gravel. A simple and economical preparation in short! Here is the proof :

  1. Dig 15 cm deep over the entire surface of your future terrace;
  2. Place a geotextile felt over the entire surface to prevent the growth of weeds between the wooden boards;
  3. Cover with crushed gravel;
  4. Compact everything to obtain a flat and loose surface;
  5. Check the flatness of the surface with a spirit level.

Note, if your surface is stable and level like an old terrace or a concrete screed, skip this step and go directly to laying the wooden terrace pedestals.

Steps for laying a wooden deck with Vérindal+ B70 pedestals

As with the preparation of the ground, laying your wooden terrace on pedestals is easier thanks to the joist supports. Allow a weekend to build your wooden deck without heavy work and without the use of heavy equipment.

1/ Accessories for laying a wooden deck on a Verindal pedestal

  • 20 mm R20 riser to increase the height of your B70 joist pedestal;
  • R60 extension to increase the size of your B70 wooden terrace pedestal by 60 mm;
  • The Vérindal+ slope regulator to correct the slope up to 10%.

2/ Place the Vérindal+ pedestals on the ground

  1. Lay the Vérindal+ B70 pedestals on the ground every 50 cm on the first row. You can thus install joists every 50 cm.
  2. To support them, step back 70 cm and install a new series of B70 joist pedestals.
  3. Repeat the operation right until the end of the terrace.
  4. Adjust the height of the pedestals using the adjustment ring. Be sure to leave a slight slope for the flow of rainwater.

3/ Install the joists

  1. Place the joists on the head of the wooden terrace pedestals.
  2. Fix the joists in at least two points via the pierced strip.

4/ Lay the covering

  1. Lay the wooden boards starting against a wall. Shift 5 mm to obtain the expansion joint;
  2. Place the boards perpendicular to the joists;
  3. Screw the boards with special decking screws. Note, screw 20 mm from the edge of the board.

Technical characteristics

  • Complies with DTU 43.1 and 51.4
  • Resistant to frost (-20° C) and UV (+ 80° C)
  • Supports up to 1 ton of load
  • Height adjustable from 75 to 115 mm
  • Base diameter: 200 mm
  • Head length: 120 mm
  • Made in France

The steps of installation a terrace on pedestals

The installation of a terrace on a pedestal is the easiest and quickest method to set up: follow the assembly steps and build your terrace in less than 3 days!


step 1Determine the required spacing, place the pedestals on the ground, adjust them and check everything with a spirit level.

step 2As soon as the installation is level, place the joists in front of the pin located on the head of the pedestals.

step 3Then screw the joists onto the pin of the stud provided for this purpose. This allows for good maintenance.

step 4Finally, attach the wooden slats to the joists using a screwdriver and wood screws.

Install the pedestals
Install the joists
screwing of the joists to the pedestals
Fixing the terrace boards
Data sheet

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Wooden terrace pedestal adjustable from 75 to 115 mm - B70 - Vérindal

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