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Profilitec, an innovative premium quality pedestal

The made in Italy brand lands on Plots Discount and reinvents the terrace pedestal solution. With a versatile and safe system, Profilitec makes the installation of terrace pedestals simple, practical and aesthetic. Indeed, at Profilitec, only two pedestals coexist, the UPTEC SUPAL which is a low height adjustable pedestal (between 28 and 43 mm) and the UPTEC SUPAS pedestal which is adjustable from 43 mm to the desired height! Thanks to an ingenious system of interchangeable heads, the two Profilitec pedestals allow all terrace constructions in the greatest of simplicity. To make it easier for you to choose your terrace pedestals, we have chosen to offer you turnkey pedestals. Find, on Plots Discount, Profilitec wooden terrace pedestals of different heights and slab terrace pedestals offering the same heights. Note however, that to raise these pedestals, you will only need to combine the UPTEC SUPAR raisers.

Profilitec's UPTEC solution

The Profilitec range is made up of 3 distinct products :

  • The UPTEC SUPAL adjustable pedestal which allows the height to be adjusted between 28 and 43 mm
  • The UPTEC SUPAS pedestal which is an adjustable pedestal from 43 mm and up to the desired height! Note however, for unfailing stability, we invite you not to exceed 10 UPTEC SUPAR extensions. Other solutions exist for higher heights such as the Weasyfix range. 
  • The UPTEC SUPAR extension which allows the SUPAS pedestal to be raised by 30 mm. The number of UPTEC SUPAR extensions can be combined ad infinitum. However, from a certain height (40cm), we always recommend adding joists for better stability or checking the compliance of the installation with an engineer (Note, this is also valid for all systems laying on pedestals).

In addition to these 3 products, there are 3 accessories which are in fact the heads of the pedestals :

  • The UPTEC SUPA2 head dedicated to laying pavings, with 2 mm spacing between them
  • The UPTEC SUPA4 head, also dedicated to laying outdoor tiles with a spacing of 4 mm between the tiles
  • The UPTEC SUPAW head dedicated to joists for laying a wooden deck.

Always to facilitate the installation of your terrace, the UPTEC SUPAK 3-in-1 adjustment key allows you to :

  • Change from a fixed head to a self-leveling head
  • Adjust the height of the pedestals
  • Remove the fins from the UPTEC SUPAS paving pedestals in a single step.

Ultra-light, it can be used with ease and precision even after laying your tiles. Useful, it allows you to make your adjustments without having to bend down continuously.

UPTEC by Profilitec: high quality pedestals

Both ingenious and innovative, Profilitec pedestals are versatile. Indeed, everything is planned to facilitate the installation of your terrace whether it is in wood or in porcelain stoneware type outdoor tiling. Here are some examples of this extreme simplicity :

> The UPTEC SUPAS pedestal is adjustable in height and to adapt to your project, you just need to add UPTEC SUPAR extensions to raise it or, conversely, remove them to reduce the height of the pedestal. This operation is very simple: symbols have been engraved on the riser and on the base to make your task easier. It is easy to understand that the fear of making a mistake in the dimensions of the pedestals is quickly forgotten. The UPTEC SUPAS pedestal is totally customizable and that's a luxury.

> The heads are interchangeable, so switch from a slab pedestal to a joist pedestal in a few seconds. Rather super practical for landscaping professionals and tilers who can move from one site to another, always keeping the same Profilitec pedestal. Only the heads will need to be adapted. For an individual, this guarantees that you can change the coating at a lower cost if you feel like it.

> Each of the heads is fixed or self-levelling. Thanks to the locking nut, switch in a few moments from a fixed pedestal to a self-leveling pedestal. This super simple mechanism is within everyone's reach. All you have to do is screw or unscrew the green nut to go from a fixed head to a self-leveling head allowing you to reach a slope of 5%.

> Each of the heads are equipped with anti-noise rubber for your comfort. With Profilitec pedestals, say goodbye to vibrations and other resonances… and thank you to perfect sound insulation.

Always in the spirit of making your life easier, know that the Profilitec pedestals have a pre-cut base for installation in the corners.

Like some other pedestals on the market, UPTEC Profilitec pedestals are 100% recyclable, resistant to extreme temperatures (between – 20° and + 80°) and to fire (HB resistance according to UL94 regulations). Last but not least, these premium quality pedestals withstand loads of more than one ton. Why not try them?

Profilitec's wood solution

The Profilitec paving solution

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