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Jouplast key studs: high-end paving pedestals for easy pose

The Cleman pedestals are for exterior tile terrace, duckboard and paving of the referent brand on the market for paving pedestals: Jouplast. They are recognizable by their blue or gray adjustment ring. This color distinction is important. Blue is reserved for adjustable slab studs and gray for the adjustable adjustable studs. Whatever your choice with adjustable studs and adjustable adjustable pedestals, one thing is for sure: with the Cleman pedestals, you benefit from the assurance of an easy pose thanks to these ingenious terrace pedestals. What is special? How to use them? We answer these questions in this article.

Zoom on the Cleman range

Cleman terrace pedestals are paving pedestals. They are therefore used for the layout of a terrace in outdoor tiles, stone, caillebotis or paving. The Cleman range is divided into two parts: adjustable studs and self-adjusting pedestals.

Cleman adjustable pedestals

Five adjustable studs exist in the Cleman range to adjust your paving terrace from 28 mm to 230 mm :

Of course, these pedestals can be used on the same site in order to make up for differences in height from your land and obtain a flat terrace.

And if ever 230 mm was not enough, use the Cleman enhancement which will allow you to add 60 mm in height. Knowing that you can combine four on the same stud, get up to an additional 240 mm at the initial size of the pedestal.

Cleman self -adjusting adjustable pedestals

Four self-leveling Cleman pedestals exist. They are adjustable and have the particularity of creating or compensating for a slope of 5% maximum, this over 1 meter. This slope catch -up is possible thanks to the self-leveling of the pedestals. Practical, these double -function studs therefore make it possible to make your terrace even on sloping ground. Here are the existing models:

As with adjustable pedestals, you can use different heights of self-leveling pedestals on the same site. Last but not least, the self-leveling pedestals are also compatible with the Cleman riser. Add up to four to gain up to 240mm in height.

The advantages of Cleman terrace pedestals

Cleman pedestals are top-of-the-range, well thought-out pedestals, which greatly facilitate the installation of your paving terrace. The major advantage of this range is certainly the height adjustment from above thanks to the Cleman adjustment key.

The ability to adjust the height of the Cleman pedestals from above means one important thing: you can readjust the height of your pedestals even after laying your terrace. Thus, if an error has been made on the height of the pedestals, do not panic, you can readjust your height with a simple stroke of the Cleman adjustment key. The latter slips between the slabs to readjust the height of the pedestals, without dismantling any paving whatsoever. To do this, simply fit the adjustment key into the head of the pedestal and manipulate it by quarter turns. You can thus make your pedestal settings at any time. This “security” saves you precious time and makes your work much easier to carry out and much less stressful! Yes, you have the right to make mistakes. Note, the Cleman adjustment key is compatible with the entire Cleman range, namely: adjustable slab pedestals and Cleman self-leveling pedestals.

Another advantage of Cleman pedestals is their width. Cleman pedestals are wider than conventional pedestals and offer greater stability during installation.

Finally, the Cleman pedestals have “top-of-the-range” equipment since the side trim supports are integrated and the anti-noise shims are supplied with the pedestals. When the built-in trim supports make installation easier, the anti-noise wedges make using your paving terrace more comfortable.

plot cleman autonivelant soutenant une dalle de carrelage imitation bois

Laying a paving terrace with Cleman pedestals

Cleman pedestals are installed in the same way as conventional pedestals. For the preparation of the ground, it is done on a concrete paving, an existing terrace or a ground excavated on 15 cm, backfilled with gravel. In this case, do not forget to place geotextile felt to prevent the growth of weeds then place your pedestals at a good distance.

For the adjustment of the pedestals, the Cleman adjustment key will allow you not to lower yourself continuously. Your back will thank it.

Once the pedestals have been laid, all you have to do is lay your tiles on the head of the pedestals. To close your terrace, use the two trim supports integrated into the base of the pedestal and the glue traps. These keep the finishing plinth vertical without using any additional tools. And for 100% invisible side finishes, add the Cleman paving plate  which does not require the use of angle iron.

As you have seen, Cleman pedestals greatly facilitate the installation of your outdoor tiling terrace. Now that you're ready, find our advice for laying a paving terrace, enjoy your work!


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