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Which pedestal should I choose for my terrace?

The terrace pedestals are recycled and recyclable polypropylene pedestals. They are intermediate supports between the floor and your covering. With the terrace pedestals, you can lay a wooden terrace or a paving terrace according to your desires. The type of coating will depend on the type of pedestals. Indeed, there are wooden terrace pedestals and slab terrace pedestals. What are their particularities? Are there different models among these ranges? How to choose your terrace pedestal? We answer all your questions in this article!

terrasse en cours de réalisation sur plots terrasse dalle Rinno

The composition of a terrace pedestal

Whether it is a pedestal for a wooden or paving terrace, certain characteristics are common to all terrace pedestals:

  • Base or base, lower part of the pedestal intended to rest on the support;
  • Height adjustment ring that turns clockwise for millimeter-accurate adjustment;
  • Head designed to accommodate the covering: either a slab of tiling or a joist to be screwed onto the tab provided for this purpose.

Some specificities concerning the head of the pedestal :

  • For a paving pedestal: the head is made up of four lugs which allow the slabs to be wedged and to define an identical spacing between each of them, thus allowing installation without joints and guaranteeing good water flow;
  • For a joist pedestal: the head is made up of a tongue designed with two slots in which the joist is screwed in.

The terrace pedestals' offer

The terrace pedestals are intended for outdoor use and to support furniture and people. For these reasons, the terrace pedestals must have a solid resistance to temperature variations and to the load. Thus, before being placed on the market, they are subjected to conformity tests.

Compliance of terrace pedestals

The terrace pedestals must all comply with the standards in force and recommendations for raised installation. These standards are governed by DTU 43.1 which establishes that:

  • The underside of the pedestals must be made of rigid material
  • The sector of the face in contact with the waterproofing must be > 300 cm2
  • The pressure under permanent load of the seal must be > 20,000 Pa (0.2daN/cm2).

In addition, their polypropylene material is also regulated by the Afnor NF ISO EN 19069-1 standard which notably regulates the hardness of the material, an essential condition for terrace pedestals.

Finally, a third standard has been added exclusively for wooden terrace pedestals, or joist pedestals: the DTU 51.4 which governs the standards for wooden terraces.

The height and diameter of the terrace pedestals

The height of the pedestal must be chosen according to the height you want to give to your terrace. The field of possibilities is wide and varies according to the brands and models of pedestals. To help you in this choice, we offer the pedestal heights of two references on the market: Jouplast and YEED (ex Rinno).

Height of Jouplast paving pedestals: 10 mm, 8/20 mm, 20/30 mm; 40/60mm, 50/80mm, 80/140mm, 140/230mm

And Jouplast self-leveling pedestals: 29/39 mm, 55/75 mm; 65/95mm, 95/155mm, 155/245mm

Height of Jouplast joist pedestals: 10 mm, 20/30 mm, 40/60 mm, 50/80 mm, 80/140 mm, 140/230 mm

Height of YEED paving pedestals (Ex Rinno): 8 mm, 8/20 mm, 25/40 mm, 40/60 mm, 60/90 mm, 90/150 mm, 150/260 mm

On the side of the YEED self-leveling pedestals (Ex Rinno): 50/65 mm, 65/85 mm, 85/115 mm, 115/175 mm, 175/285 mm

Height of YEED joist pedestals (Ex Rinno): 8/20 mm, 25/40 mm, 40/60 mm, 60/90 mm, 90/150 mm, 150/260 mm

Fixed, adjustable or self-leveling, you will find the terrace pedestals you need from one of these leading brands! Need even more advice? Head to our dedicated article on the height of the pedestals!

Some key references at Jouplast

Some essentials YEED (Ex Rinno)

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The resistance of terrace pedestals

In addition to resistance to compression, terrace pedestals are subject to significant temperature variations, bad weather, frost, etc. For the solidity and durability of your terrace, opt for pedestals resistant to extreme temperatures. For example, all YEED studs (Ex Rinno) are resistant to temperatures from -40° to +60°. What to ensure the longevity of your terrace foolproof!

The number of terrace pedestals

This question will result in the price to be paid for your terrace. If you want to control your budget, it is essential to draw up a layout plan beforehand. This detailed diagram of your terrace will allow you to assess the number of terrace pedestals required.

As a reminder, for a slab terrace, four pedestals are required per paving up to 60 x 60 cm. For a 120 x 120 cm paving , plan 8 terrace pedestals. For a rectangular paving of 30 x 120 cm, plan 6 pedestals.

For a wooden deck, keep in mind to place pedestals every 50 cm for your softwood joists (every 40 cm for exotic wood), which are themselves held in place by pedestals every 70 cm.

Options and accessories

Essential accessories

If your land is sloping, you can either start on a self-leveling plot (you can catch up to 10%), or towards a slope corrector (only to correct up to 2.5% or up to 4 to correct up to 10%) to be placed under the pedestal or opt for notched wedges for a wooden deck only.

Shock absorbers or anti-noise wedges are intended for paving terrace pedestals. They allow the reduction of noise and vibrations when moving on your slab terrace. They are to be placed on the head of the paving pedestals and offer you perfect sound insulation.

Paving plates are essential for the side finish of your terrace on pedestals. They are placed on the head of the pedestal in order to refine the finish of your paving terrace against a wall. It stabilizes and solidifies your paving terrace at its ends.

Maintaining the coating

The pedestals are held in place by the fins of the terrace pedestal. These can be fixed or removable. Do not forget to check this characteristic before any purchase in order to avoid certain disappointments.

Concerning the joist pedestals, no doubt, you need terrace pedestals with tongue to place your joist on them and fix it via the two pedestals provided for this purpose.

Now that you know what to look for and what criteria are important, it's time to choose from our terrace pedestal references!

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