140/230 mm adjustable paving pedestal


Reference : Plots-IH140230DSA000

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The 140/230 mm adjustable paving pedestal are specifically designed to build patios in slabs, tiles, ceramic or stone slabs. It is possible to level the terrain thanks to the adjustment system from 140 to 230 mm.Thanks to the adjustable pedestals for paving anyone can build a patio. Put a pedestal at each corner of the slab and create a magnificent patio that can be changed according to your preferences.The pedestals make air circulate underneath and prevent any moisture from rising up.They are very strong and withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy loads.The 140/230 mm risers comply with applicable standards and DTU...

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The steps of installation a terrace on pedestals

The installation of a terrace on a pedestal is the easiest and quickest method to set up: follow the assembly steps and build your terrace in less than 3 days!


step 1Determine the required spacing, place the pedestals on the ground, adjust them and check everything with a spirit level.

step Once the installation is level, place the tiles on the head of the pedestals.

step 3Then adjust the height of the pedestals and check everything one last time with a spirit level.

step 4Finally, make the cuts to close the terrace laterally.

Installation of the pedestals
Installation of slabs on pedestals
Adjusting the pedestals
Finishing the terrace
Data sheet

Model : Plots-IH140230DSA000

140/230 mm adjustable paving pedestal

Warranty2 years warranty
OriginManufactured in France
ConformityIn compliance with the DTU 43.1 and 51.4
ResistanceResisting the acid and basic solutions, the atmospheric agents, the temperatures between -30°C and 60°C
LoadResisting the test of crushing with load superior in 1 ton
BrandAccess by Jouplast
UseGratings, Carrelage stoneware, Concrete slab
Adjustable height140 to 230 mm
Compatibility with extensionnew
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Note : 4,7/5

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Note : 5/5

"plot pour carrelage 120x40cm. découpe facile et belle optique"

Note : 5/5

"Correspond à la commande"

Note : 3/5

"Beaucoup de plots avait les tenons cassés, difficile de régler les écarts entre carreaux sans."

Note : 5/5

"conforme à l'attente"

Note : 5/5

"Très bon produit, plus robuste au niveau du réglage."

Note : 5/5

"Réglage facile. Tres bon produit"

Note : 4/5

"Les ergots sont parfois fragile ou manquants"

Note : 5/5

"La qualité des plots correspond à mes attentes. Ils ont été faciles à régler une fois mis en place. J'estime que la qualité est en rapport avec le prix."

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